March 18, 2009

Is it possible to use Dashboard Prompts to override Session Variables?

This is a two step process: 1) Tick “enable any user to set variable” checkbox in the RPD for the session variable 2) When you create […]
March 18, 2009

display prompt values in Excel

How can we get the Prompt values to be displayed when the report is exported in MS Office formats or printed in PDF using the ‘Download’ […]
March 11, 2009

Removing My Dashboard

Customer want to take away from all users ‘My Dashboard’. They want that the users only have the choice between the ‘common Dashboards’. But the users […]
March 6, 2009

How to set session variables using url variables

The goal is to set session variables using url variables, but can you also do this for the user and password ? url variable (&Upwd) is […]