Data Not Getting Refreshed in Answers when Changed in Base Database. Cache problem.

Found something interesting about cache today.


Have a report in Answers.
For one of the values (Jan09 / Budget) the value is 10,000.
Value in database is updated to 600,000
Looking at the report in Answers, it still displays the amount for this value as 10,000.  This happens even after selecting ‘Refresh’ for the report.

If the user drills into Jan09, & so views each week of Jan09, then the value can be seen as 600,000. Drill back out to Jan09 & again it is displaying as 10,000 (the original value).

Turning off caching (in NQSConfig.INI with [ CACHE ] ENABLE =NO ) DOES fix the issue. However, this causes performance issues.
In fact, this is working as designed.

As per Answers guide, this is expected behavior:

“When executing an Oracle BI Interactive Dashboard or a request, Oracle BI uses temporary storage areas, called caches, to save frequently accessed or recently accessed results. Storing certain results in cache helps to improve Oracle BI performance. You can use the Refresh feature to make sure that your request bypasses saved information in the Oracle BI Presentation Services cache and is issued to the Oracle Business Intelligence Server for processing. NOTE: The Oracle BI Server maintains its own cache. This cache is separate from the Oracle BI Presentation Services cache.”

So, the ‘Refresh’ link only bypasses the OBI Presentation Services cache and the request is issued to the Oracle Business Intelligence Server for processing. It does not bypass OBI Server cache. If the BI Server cache is enabled the request hits the BI Server cache and you then see the old data.

It will not bypass the BI Server cache and will only satisfy your request (and fire the SQL to database) if there is no BI Server cached results.

The BI Server cache should be cleared to fix the issue.


I was on a short vacation in Miami and couldn’t approve / reply to comments or post new things. Thank you for your interesting comments. I’ll definitely try to reply to everyone. I’m going to deal with pressing issues and then post new things about OBIEE.

Meanwhile – I suggest you read this article by Adrian Ward –

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Made it to Pro level on OTN forums

Even though I’m hanging on the bottom of Top 10 users, I still managed to make it to Pro Level today :-)Now I have a nice silver icon to my name (or maybe it’s platinum, since the previous one looked like gold). Now, after giving myself pat on the back – let’s continue.

I still think the point system for the forum is mostly benefiting 2 sides – the forum itself  & novices trying to make it to the market and not taking their due diligence to make simple forum or google search / RTFM. It’s encouraging me and fellow experienced colleagues to answer really rudimentary questions (“what is RPD? my AdminTool doesn’t work – oops I didn’t install it; I need to format my report a certain way – how do I change cell background?”   . There’re several major flaws of the point system on any forum – first, a lot of stupid questions and second, it’s bringing competition spirit and making experienced folks answering those.  Does “Pro” status mean anything? I’m not sure -since there’re probably many experienced consultants out there who’re  just readers or perhaps they don’t want to be bothered with silly questions. I don’t see Jeff actively participating on OTN forums (even though I think he had some postings in the past) – probably for that same reason.

Thank you everyone listed below! Excellent job!  Best of luck to all of you!  I also want to mention David T. and anyone else not listed.

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