December 12, 2010

Few Oracle’s support treasures

Normally, I like to browse through Oracle’s support in search of hidden gems and to get new ideas. This is how I smile when I find […]
November 16, 2010

Oracle’s answer to OBIEE’s case sensitivity

Someone asked Oracle’s support  the following question: “Why some of the prompt case sensitive, some of them are case insensitive” You noticed that some prompts are case […]
October 24, 2010

Fmap Image Not Shown When Printing to PDF only – Fmap Function Showing White Space Instead – Image Can be Seeing in Dashboard

I also had this problem (Thank you very much people at Oracle’s support): When using the function @{fmap:images/my_image.jpg} no image is being returned on the PDF […]
September 12, 2010

URL-variable not passed thru to session variable

This one I found to be interesting: The goal is to set session variables using url variables, but can you also do this for the user […]