OBIEE blogs updates

John Minkjan posted some interested and useful articles as usual. First is How to edit OBIEE system-wide defaults, the second one is about making a distinct date prompt in OBIEE, and finally OBIEE reporting on data ranges.

Adrian Ward has several wonderful OBIEE tips submitted by his readers.

Mark Rittman hosts a free seminar in London in a few weeks. So if you happen to be around, I strongly recommend you attend.

Venkatarishan J has posted an extensive article on Hyperion. Data Archive and Replay in BSO Cubes.

4 thoughts on “OBIEE blogs updates”

  1. Hi
    Would it be possible to provide a popup(Report has to display on the same dashboard page in tabular form) by clicking on one of the line bar graph point?

    Thanks & Regards

  2. Hi any body explain about how to manage(swap) multiple connection pool information represents single database..

  3. Set of data-Zone areas Eg: Need to find the height of a people with maximum minimum and average height. Can we do this using OBIEE

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