Performance Tuning

May 1, 2009

What rule is followed when several fact are at the same content level ?

I think this is an interesting question especially for those who would like to know how BI “thinks”. The goal is to understand what rule is […]
March 18, 2009

Is it possible to use Dashboard Prompts to override Session Variables?

This is a two step process: 1) Tick “enable any user to set variable” checkbox in the RPD for the session variable 2) When you create […]
February 24, 2009

Is there a way to specify an outer join in the physical layer

The dropdown box is disabled when I open the join dialog. For the benefits of others readers, the customer wanted to know if it is possible […]
January 26, 2009

Users missing cache

If your users are missing cache, you might find the service request below helpful. Description: User1 one and User 2 have the same profile but User […]