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OBIEE world is busy again

New business intelligence site

1. Borkur Steingrimsson posted a very well-written article “Running OBIEE on Linux” –

If you’re a Linux enthusiast – I think you will find it helpful and amusing (now you can say “yes” if someone asks whether they can run admin tool on Linux). It seems as there’re some potential licensing issues – but in general the community is excited.

2. Rnm1978 posted a link to Kevin McGinley’s CAF analysis and his own thoughts on CAF

I must note that using CAF proved tougher than it seemed to be and not intuitive. Not only that – the lack of official Oracle support isn’t inspiring in using it in real environment. He has also posted a nice detailed write-up of the Presentation Services troubleshooting

3. I’ve finally started tweaking with Essbase. The stand-alone installation took me several attempts to make it perfect (all green) based on Tim Tow’s tutorial as well as Nico Gerard’s instructions.  So far working with sample apps and trying to import ragged hierarchies. I understand why people love the product – the UI is very clean – and many things make sense. I wonder if Integration Services would prevent some shops running Essbase exclusively not to migrate to OBIEE.

4. No update on OBIEE forum. But I’d like to invite anyone willing to collaborate to leave a comment. I suggest we start a google wave (let me know if you need an invite) to discuss which things should be in focus.  My google wave is  – please add me to your contacts and let’s get started.

Mark Rittman’s take on Google BI tool

This is a very interesting post Taking a Look at Panorama and Google Apps. Mark is comparing some quick OLAP solutions with OBIEE.

Mark shows some limitations of those products, however, he also mentions that it’s a big improvement on what’s been available before.

Should Oracle be threatened? I don’t think so. Even though BI is a lucrative market for anyone, the cost of entry is way too high, even for a company like google. Sales reps take years to develop solid client relationships, and even though Google might take a stab at that by poaching Oracle’s talent – I seriously doubt it.

Finally, I don’t think google’s tool is positioned to compete with OBIEE.

Oracle OpenWorld 2009

I received a complimentary invite to go to the OpenWorld (thank you Oracle!). Unfortunately, it came in sort of late (the conference starts very soon on the Oct 11th) and the location is on the other coast (San Francisco). I am torn – on one side – it’s an excellent opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people in person (Mark, guys from BICG, and others) and engage in learning, on the other side, I like to plan things in advance – and this is a very short notice. Another side is that even with the cost of the conference covered ($2500), I still have significant direct and indirect costs such as plane, accomodation, and lost wages. Cost-benefit analysis can’t be completed easily due to the difficulty of defining metrics. On one hand, I’m not actively seeking clients/new employment; on the other hand – there’re some interesting obiee presentations (by Mark and Deloitte). I have a general feeling that going to the IOUG in DC would be more reachable.

If you’re going to the conference, can you please comment on your reasons for doing so.

New recruiter review site

OBIEE consultants always deal with recruiters. I’ve had my share of good and bad experiences (mostly positive though) – and sometimes I wished there was a resources that would make it easier to review recruiters. Someone just sent me such a site to review recruiters. Meet – Recruiter Review. It’s still not large, but I can see its usefulness as it might help OBIEE consultants to distinguish between good,average and bad recruiters or companies.