LDAP Authentication against multiple servers

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October 21, 2009
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October 30, 2009

Someone asked the Oracle support if Siebel Analytics could use 2 LDAP servers for authentication. “We currently use one of the LDAP server for authentication and it works fine. We have some users from another LDAP server and want to add it to our authentication.”

Response was:
Siebel Analytics can only authenticate against on LDAP server at a time. If you define multiple LDAP servers, the 2nd LDAP server is not being looked at unless the connection to the 1st failed.

You define multiple LDAP server by putting the LDAP server names in a concatenated string and use space as delimiter in the Host Name entry, i.e. “ldap1.siebel.com ldap2.siebel.com:9872 ldap3.siebel.com” in AN78x release

In the latest Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, you can define multiple LDAP server definitions in the Manage > Security > LDAP Server.

But Authentication tries the first LDAP server, if it fails then it uses the second LDAP server defined in the repository

“Product change request 12-HOAZ87 has been logged to ask for authentication against multiple LDAP servers simultaneously.”

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