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BI Forum 2010 is going extremely well

I wish I was there …

I’m very happy that BI Forum 2010 is going well. It seems as all BI consulting gurus and those wishing to join their rank are having a blast – just read their Twitter feed Bi Forum tweeter feed.

I want to make a point to attend next year. Unfortunately, due to some passport-visa circumstances beyond my control (hint – New Schengen visa rules which invalidates passports issued more than 10 years ago – even if they’re still valid) , it’s not possible for me to travel to Europe until I replace my passport. Unfortunately, I’m not the only one affected by this – I know that there’re many people from India in the US (issued passports with 20 year validity) who are not able to travel to Europe due to new Schengen rules, and for them, it’s burdensome to travel to India, since they have to get the new passport at the same place where it was issued.

My warm greetings to everyone. I hope I can make it to DC this year for Kaleidoscope.

Tips for OBIEE recruiters – headhunters

Dear recruiters,

Please don’t ask for people with 15 years of OBIEE experience – OBIEE’s 1st version was officially released on Jan 27th 2007 – http://www.oracle.com/corporate/press/2007_jan/012907-OBIEE.html UPD: actually, it was available for download throughout 2006 – and many people used it back then (like beta, except it wasn’t). Just wanted to correct myself.

However, to be honest, the grandfather of OBIEE was a product called nQuire Suite (I believe there were versions 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0) which was initially shipped in 1999. A few years later, the company was purchased by Siebel. The software was re badged as “Siebel Analytics” and became even more successful. Oracle acquired Siebel in the end of 2005, and the product remained largely unchanged (I’m pretty sure someone commented they they have seen code from pre-2000).

I know this has been discussed numerous times, I just wanted to emphasize this one more time.

Good luck

OBIEE topics of interest

Good morning All,

I’m back from Florida vacation. What a change – to come from sunny Florida to cold and raining New York.

Trying to see what’s going on in the OBIEE world. Couple interesting topics on the OTN:

Write back – topic – very interesting and growing

Example on how not to ask questions about complex joins – the author should have provided all the details in the beggining

Not using AGO and TODATE functions – I don’t know why anyone would like to avoid using AGO and TODATE functions for time-series analysis. The only two options are: non-Oracle DB which doesn’t support complex PARTITION BY queries or someone doesn’t want to create time dimension.

Also, there’re some very good discussions on the OBIEE Enterprise Methodology Group.

Good luck and enjoy your week.

OBIEE expert forum is up and running

I’m delighted to announce that a new useful OBIEE forum / discussion board is open. Idea was up in the air for a long time – and it seems as multiple people planned this for awhile independently (rnm1978, Mark Rittman, Adrian Ward, and other guys and myself included). Part of it was frustration with moderation on official Oracle’s board, and part of it was a need for a resource where OBIEE and business intelligent professionals could share secrets of the trade. The difficult part is keeping balance between sharing knowledge as well as  providing a moderated environment.

The board is already active with several interesting topics going. If you’re interested in participating – please apply at Google OBIEE group

Thanks to Mark Rittman who organized the movement and to all those who agreed to become moderators.

OBIEE heats up, OBIEE blogging cools down

Thanksgiving holiday, pre-Christmas routine, and a general lethargic state due to the weather. They don’t help us to write more about OBIEE. Also, I have a feeling that everyone has a feeling that all OBIEE topics have been covered. So everyone is just waiting for 11g – and then there’ll be a race.

RNM1978 posted a very good visual representation of OBIEE documentation – http://rnm1978.wordpress.com/2009/11/27/i-think-this-summarises-everything/
From one side, bad documentation has opened a niche for experts to blog and discover new things. On the other hand – if it’s not in the docs – it’s probably not covered by Oracle’s support – so some companies might be wary of installing new things.

As far as a new forum – I’m still working on identifying an open-source forum platform that would have all features that OTN has and more. There’re some candidates – but I’m still in the process of search.

I will be honest – I still check OTN – however, I give it a quick glance and then just leave. I still give respect to everyone who’s answering questions, however silly lazy ones. I’m wondering if the influx of new OBIEE will contribute to rates pushed down in the future. For one thing I’m sure now that there’re 2 different kind of “freshers” – one making a transition from another BI tool (Cognos, MS Analysis Services, Discoverer) or a closely-related area (Oracle data warehousing, OLAP) and those who have taken “$600 courses”. It’s very conflicting – since everyone has to start somewhere. However, starting by spamming OTN isn’t the right way to do it.

This is why I was actually against point system when it was implemented – it incentives seasoned consultants reply to silly questions – the ones they would have left without attention before.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a nice break! Back to work! And please stay healthy and well.