Digest of some OBiEE errors (not necessarily NQSErrors)

LDAP Authentication against multiple servers
October 27, 2009
Creating a pivot table view with mixed granularity
November 10, 2009

A. “Ago function returning wrong results in answer when comparing this year versus last year” This actually happened to me once – and i thought it was an incorrectly configured time dimension. You can experience this error when your “Time Series functions gives incorrect results when leap years are involved”. Oracle support suggested the following action plan :

1) Leave the logical column definition as earlier i.e. Ago(Measure, Year, 1)
2) Change the filter condition in the request to filter on year and months instead of date range e.g.
year = 2009 and month in (1,2,3,4)

B. “Value Suppression doesn’t work for Level Based Measures”. Someone had a requirement where they wanted to use level-based measures for reports accessing several fact tables in the future. To realize a prototype before starting with the necessary reports they tried to implement an easy example to test the ‘value suppression’ functionality

Unfortunately they are not able to build a nice looking report with four simple columns showing the year, # of orders (per year), quarter and # orders. Their problem is that the level based measure ‘# of order (per year)’ is shown line by line. They wanted to suppress these values and only show the value once per year. They tried to use the ‘value suppression functionality’ without success. They were able to Work around this issues by using a Pivot Table.

C. This issue in pivot table is very common –

OBIEE says “governor exceeded error”. The pivot tables and the charts might give these errors:

Error Generating Chart
An exception occurred in the cube.
Error Details
Error Codes: MOJ5XVNL:QBVC92JY
Governor limit exceeded in cube generation (Maximum data records exceeded.)

and for pivot table

View Display Error
Governor limit exceeded in cube generation (Maximum data records exceeded.)
Error Details
Error Codes: QBVC92JY

Theses messages mean that users are trying to return more rows to the pivot table then the governor will allow. One needs to adjust the following parameters until the report runs successfully.

Adjust the parameters below in instanceconfig.xml (add those tags if you don’t have them – since those values are by default) and then restart Presentation Server (sawserver)

< CubeMaxRecords >40000< /CubeMaxRecords >
< CubeMaxPopulatedCells >150000< /CubeMaxPopulatedCells >

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