Confusion with BI Apps when installing on OBIEE

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If you have seen this error message “NQSConfig.INI not found. Please make sure your environment is set up properly” or were unable to login to OBIEE after installing OBIA 7964 on OBIEE – then this might be useful.

There was a slight confusion and error messages when installing OBIA on OBIEE
Unfortunately, there are several contradicting bugs and instructions – for instance – patch p16321623_7964_Generic would not work too well (the jazn file is not compatible with OBIEE – You need to search for the following item on the metalink:
ID 1561846.1 (first step includes running bi-init.cmd prior to setup and 2nd includes downloading proper system-jazn-data.xml file.)

This has worked for me.

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Linux skills for OBIEE consultants

July 2nd, 2013 No comments

I hope I’m not preaching to the preachers, but to me it’s obvious that some Linux skills are a must for OBIEE consultants. As well as virtual machines (at least virtual box), serious networking skills, and Fusion middleware stack knowledge.

I suggest starting with Sample images and getting Oracle Linux skills through some tutorials.


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This one is very annoying  – wish I had learned about it earlier.

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New version of Sample Apps Released – SampleApp V305 (

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New version of the OBIEE Sample App is now available for download. For those who might now know what this is – it’s a per-configured environment that’s ready to operate, so you don’t have to spend hours installing DB stack along with OBIEE -but could get straight to the point. Could be useful to those who have not seen it before and consider an upgrade, or those  who would want to learn OBIEE. Regardless – great job and definitely something to download and experiment with in case you work with OBIEE. Of course, the hardcore guys always install it themselves, but for others – it’s great. Well done, BIEE PM Group!


Link to download the Sample Apps OBIEE


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