Oracle BI Scheduler Error: [nQSError: 68019] Authentication Failed

I’ve seen the following situation. Ibot running perfectly fine on the development server, however, it started to fail the production with the above-mentioned error 68019. The security nature of it made me look into the instanceconfig.xml and cryptotools – since I’ve figured that this was the case. It seems as I was right as something got corrupted on the security side. After re-running cryptotools – everything went back to normal. Also, you can view these Oracle links in this in case you meet this problem:

OBIEE Consultants

I sometimes wonder about how many OBIEE consultants are in the U.S. ? and World-Wide? By OBIEE Consultant I mean someone whose primary job role is working with the Administration tool developing new repositories or enhancing existing ones.  Well, last time I looked at – there were about 300 OBIEE jobs (jobs that had OBIEE in the title) in the US. I think it doesn’t reflect the true number of openings, since there might be multiple companies recruiting for the same position, or some position might go un-advertised.

OBIEE Error messages

One of the things that I’d like Oracle to improve is the Analytics error messages (both in the Repository and in the Answers). Sometimes, they’re just too broad – for example – Internal Assertion Error 46036 – which could mean anything: from corrupted RPD after transitioning or upgrading to logical levels not being set correctly in the hierarchy levels. Next set of errors that people have problems with is the installation errors  – usually those aren’t very descriptive as well, however, with time you sort of learn to distinguish those. Third problem is the debugging .cpp errors appearing in the RPD or Answers (such as – which should have been caught by system and a human-error message to appear – such as “.cpp, line 506
This application has requested to terminate the runtime in an unusual way”. Overall, troubleshooting OBIEE is a logical step-by-step process well-described in their Oracle Business Intelligence Troubleshooting Guide, however, by making error messages human-friendlier -they’d make OBIEE consultants job easier.

OBIEE Customization

How many times have you had a client asking you to customize obiee’s look while developing their business intelligence system? I’m not talking about really advanced techniques (where you’d change the OBIEE’s look and feel completely), just about loosing the standard look. I believe that the easiest way of doing this is by changing default logos with your images with the same dimensions.  However, if you need more, then you should go and read John Minkjan’s blog that has an excellent series of OBIEE’s customization tips and tricks.

Oracle acquires Primavera – good for OBIEE

This is a post for fellow OBIEE consultants with an interest in Oracle’s acquisitions. Today, I received a letter where Oracle announced they’re acquiring Primavera. This is a very curious news. According to the letter – Primavera is a recognized leading choice for mission critical PPM solutions and helps more than 5,000 global customers and over 2.5 million users propose, prioritize, select, plan, manage, and control complex projects. The interesting thing is that the Project Portfolio Management solution that they’re offering could be replaced with Oracle’s BI Suite. I think Oracle made this acquisution for customer base, not for the product itself. I preditct that they will support Primavera’s products for a few years, but slowly persuade clients to switch to OBIEE. This might mean more projects for us in the future as well as a broader OBIEE installation base.