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11G posts coming up soon

Good evening,

I hope everyone’s month is going well in the BI world. I’m having a real difficult time fighting word press blog spam. I’m currently using Akismet but please let me know if you find a better way to manage it. It’s so bad that I’m about to disable commenting system.

I’m going to start a whole section dedicated to version 11G. I’m thinking of covering version

I think topics such as Installation, Configuration, Deployment, New Modelling techniques, as well as Security. From what I see, it’s a very application (I suspect the whole codebase has been re-written). I’m going to try to follow a systematic approach and to make a good care of categorization.

Please let me know if you’d like me to cover any special area.

January 2012 Update

Happy New Year! 2011 was extremely difficult to blog not just for me – but for so many other OBIEE bloggers – I re-visited links on my right hand side and noticed that many people didn’t post anything for several months.In some way it makes me feel better as I am not the only one who is not writing on a regular basis. On the other hand, I realized that blogging about OBIEE is what can keep me in better shape technically and let me study new practices and topics. I can only assume that this business intelligence writing block is due to workload and other commitments. I have not made any OBIEE New Year resolutions, however, it seems as my goal is to have at least a posting per week. I’ll try to focus on OBIEE 11g topics as well as some general business intelligence topics. I’m also going to analyze interesting bugs I can find from Oracle’s support.

I have seen an excellent post by Stewart Bryson – Agile Data Warehousing with Exadata and OBIEE: Model-Driven Iteration – he continues to write about a very relevant topic – OBIEE agile development. It’s absolutely necessary to have an idea about this topics since more and more companies and organizations are researching agile development.

I’ve read this with great interest and waiting for more. I also made a point to check Christian Screen’s podcasts – Podcast on iTunes.

Thank you very much for visiting and please leave a comment suggesting which topics you’d like to have covered.

OBIEE Software Configuration Management


There’re some very interesting blog posts about handling OBIEE’s SCM process, however, the difficulty is that each project is different. For example, there’re so many environmental factors involved – everything depends on location. In some enterprises, they use corporate-wide version-control systems (such as TFS). In some places, they don’t. Some companies have a rigid DEV to SIT to UAT to PROD process, in some companies – such development is done ad-hoc.

Sometimes, webcat is copied manually. Sometimes, it’s merged online. Sometimes it’s archived and extracted.

Myriad options and almost endless number of possibilities.

Sometimes, the RPD is merged locally, sometimes it’s imported, sometimes, it’s done via MUDE projects. Everyone is different and each situation is different. And here’s when experience and expertise come into play – an experienced consultant can provide the best way of handling OBIEE’s deployment process.

New Week.

I received only 18 responses to the survey so far. I think I’ll wait until tomorrow to publish results. I also realized that some of the questions weren’t worded clearly – hence the confusion.

One of the most notable articles this week – Oracle BI EE – Multi Hierarchy reporting article by Venkatakrishnan J where he’s using a very clever fragmentation tactic to control hierarchy and drill-down order. Very out-of-the-box!

John Minkjan has posted several interesting OBIEE findings here.

Check out this newly minted federal IT spending Dashboard – I think it’s a good starting effort, but there’re many problems with its current implementation, such as – site not working correctly in Firefox, using too much Flash (I wonder if it’s 508 compatible), confusing UI, not very detailed). On a positive side – there’re many ways to create customized feeds and export data to CSV. I’m actually wondering which new business opportunities would be created if US Government continues to open more and more federal data to public.

Stay tuned.

Made it to Pro level on OTN forums

Even though I’m hanging on the bottom of Top 10 users, I still managed to make it to Pro Level today :-)Now I have a nice silver icon to my name (or maybe it’s platinum, since the previous one looked like gold). Now, after giving myself pat on the back – let’s continue.

I still think the point system for the forum is mostly benefiting 2 sides – the forum itself  & novices trying to make it to the market and not taking their due diligence to make simple forum or google search / RTFM. It’s encouraging me and fellow experienced colleagues to answer really rudimentary questions (“what is RPD? my AdminTool doesn’t work – oops I didn’t install it; I need to format my report a certain way – how do I change cell background?”   . There’re several major flaws of the point system on any forum – first, a lot of stupid questions and second, it’s bringing competition spirit and making experienced folks answering those.  Does “Pro” status mean anything? I’m not sure -since there’re probably many experienced consultants out there who’re  just readers or perhaps they don’t want to be bothered with silly questions. I don’t see Jeff actively participating on OTN forums (even though I think he had some postings in the past) – probably for that same reason.

Thank you everyone listed below! Excellent job!  Best of luck to all of you!  I also want to mention David T. and anyone else not listed.

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