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OBIEE learning – never stopping

One thing that’s making the serious IT consulting field less desirable for a lot of people is the constant need for learning new things. Learning by reading blogs, studying new documentation, and constantly experimenting with new features. nQuire / Siebel Analytics / OBIEE has evolved into a very complex product – and clients often expect one person to be proficient in everything, starting from ETL and ending with BI Publisher. I know several people who’re indeed masters in all products, and they could probably complete a BI project single-handedly (from planning to execution, from ETL specs to data modelling, from OBIEE repository design to front-end customizations). However, such knowledge doesn’t come for free. These people put a lot of extra time into learning new things as well as polishing their existing ones. In the end, it pays off, because they can commend higher rates and it’s what they love – it’s something they can be passionate about.

I haven’t written much lately for several reasons – the major one – dealing with the new project, getting into loop of things. Second one, I’m having much fun reading some new blogs (to which I will definitely link once I find some time). Third, it has something to do with being in New York in the fall. It’s a magnificent city, but it’s very demanding – sometimes I feel it’s taking all my energy. Last reason, it’s more and more difficult to come up with new posts.

Have a good week-end! Stay well! (don’t catch a cold like I did)

Interesting discussion about IIS and OC4J

There’s an interesting discussion about IIS and OC4J on OTN- OC4J discussion

I think there’s a lot of confusion as to what is a difference between web server and web application server (apparently web server just serves static HTML (it can also server PHP/ASP pages), however, doesn’t run applications — on the other side – it’s tough to distinguish between dynamic web applications written in script languages and Java container OC4J). If you

I think that it’s clear from the discussion that OBIEE requires IIS (in Windows server) and OC4J is an quasi-optional module for BI Publisher and Scheduler.

Another thing -check your connection pool settings. According to Oracle, BI Server might crash if there’re “Several Connection Pools in the custom RPD had ‘Execute Queries Asynchronously’ enabled. This is no longer recommended in OBI 10g as it can cause the OBI EE (NQServer) Server to crash.”

This is addressed in Bug No.BUG 7634602 – ‘OBI SERVER CRASH – 3-818156441′