Readership Survey
July 9, 2009
Answers request causes BI server to crash
July 21, 2009

I received only 18 responses to the survey so far. I think I’ll wait until tomorrow to publish results. I also realized that some of the questions weren’t worded clearly – hence the confusion.

One of the most notable articles this week – Oracle BI EE – Multi Hierarchy reporting article by Venkatakrishnan J where he’s using a very clever fragmentation tactic to control hierarchy and drill-down order. Very out-of-the-box!

John Minkjan has posted several interesting OBIEE findings here.

Check out this newly minted federal IT spending Dashboard – I think it’s a good starting effort, but there’re many problems with its current implementation, such as – site not working correctly in Firefox, using too much Flash (I wonder if it’s 508 compatible), confusing UI, not very detailed). On a positive side – there’re many ways to create customized feeds and export data to CSV. I’m actually wondering which new business opportunities would be created if US Government continues to open more and more federal data to public.

Stay tuned.

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