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February 22, 2010
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March 17, 2010


There’re some very interesting blog posts about handling OBIEE’s SCM process, however, the difficulty is that each project is different. For example, there’re so many environmental factors involved – everything depends on location. In some enterprises, they use corporate-wide version-control systems (such as TFS). In some places, they don’t. Some companies have a rigid DEV to SIT to UAT to PROD process, in some companies – such development is done ad-hoc.

Sometimes, webcat is copied manually. Sometimes, it’s merged online. Sometimes it’s archived and extracted.

Myriad options and almost endless number of possibilities.

Sometimes, the RPD is merged locally, sometimes it’s imported, sometimes, it’s done via MUDE projects. Everyone is different and each situation is different. And here’s when experience and expertise come into play – an experienced consultant can provide the best way of handling OBIEE’s deployment process.


  1. rnm1978 says:

    Hey Andriy,
    If you’ve got a the list of blog posts to hand can you post them? It would be useful.

    FWIW we use SVN here.

    cheers, RNM

  2. Andriy Yakushyn says:

    Here’s the links I’ve used – I’m sure you’ve seen those:
    Mark Rittman’s post about OBIEE deployment
    Also SCM post by Mark
    This thread about Analytics migration
    And sorry for a late reply…
    Almost forgot – another one I liked –

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