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January 21, 2009

The following Expression always return 0.00% in a custom OBI EE Repor

Something else, I’ve found. I suggest always adding 1.00* when working with non-integers, just for sake of convenience. (Customers.”Total Customers” / sum(Customers.”Total Customers”)) * 100 Cause […]
January 21, 2009

Check box “data is dense”

When viewing the properties of a fact column in OBIEE, there is a check box “data is dense” when aggregating by dimension is chosen. What does […]
January 7, 2009

LDAP for users / RPD for Groups

I found an excellent post about OBIEE LDAP security for users the link to the topic is here: and that discussion is pointing to this […]
November 21, 2008

Review of the hottest OBIEE topics on Oracle’s forum

I’ve decided I’m going to put review of the most useful and most hot topics from the Oracle’s discussion. #1. “Thread: Whats Business Inteligence Suite?” – […]