Sample 11g Application – very nice

OBIEE Prototyping
July 20, 2011
OBIEE and PeopleSoft – Video
August 3, 2011

Sometimes thoughts materialize – in this case, I was thinking – wouldn’t it be great if Oracle provided a configured instance of OBIEE 11G – with everything pre-configured so that it’d be easy to get evaluate it quickly without going through the pains of learning new application server (Weblogic) and installation steps.

It seems as I was heard. I’m grateful to several people making me aware of the new app:

If you want to learn and play with sample OBIEE 11g, you should download it from

Installation is breeze. I’ve managed to installed everything in under 1 hour (downloading 25gb takes a few hours)

Again, I think it’s very thoughtful and smart move on Oracle’s part to provide this tool.

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