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June 26, 2011
OBIEE Discussion Group
July 16, 2011

I’ve found few interesting Master Notes on support site that will be useful for everyone who wants to improve OBIEE’s performance in production (you must have Oracle’s support ID to login):

1. Note 740257.1 – How to Increase SAW Logging?
2. Note 1054009.1 – Instructions For Setting Up the Performance Monitor Counters (PERFMON) for Windows
3. Note 823193.1 – How Can We Add Database Hints to Our Custom Reports to Improve Performance?
4. Note 1181263.1 – How Do I Monitor My OBIEE Performance?
5. Note 1096900.1 – How To Troubleshoot Performance issues in OBIEE 10g?

Master note for Security:

1. Note 476617.1 – How to Set Up LDAP Security Within Siebel Analytics Repository
2. Note 749566.1 – OBIEE on Linux Server Unable to Use LDAP
3. Note 978177.1 – How to Setup LDAP over SSL for OBIEE
4. Note 875324.1 – SSO Issue When Using the NQUser Variable on the URL
5. Note 540437.1 – Error Codes: WUDC2HWW – Using OBIEE With IIS and SSO
6. Note 974422.1 – Embedding Analytics in Oracle E-Business Suite
7. Note 988697.1 – Reporting Log In: (401)Unauthorized When Accessing BI Publisher from OBIEE in SSO Environment With IIS
8. Note 757957.1 – Integrating BI Office with OBIEE that has SSO
9. Note 886493.1 – Troubleshooting You are not currently logged in to the Oracle BI Server Error in OBI When SSO is Enabled
10. Note 1304942.1 – BI Servers Fail To Start And Node Manager Unreachable After Enabling SSL on OBIEE 11g and Admin Server
11. Note 1273913.1 – How To Move Or Migrate OBIEE 11g Roles, LDAP Users / Groups From Test To Production Environments.
12. Note 1314339.1 – What Authentication Mechanisms are supported in OBIEE
13. Note 1314357.1 – What SSO Mechanisms are supported in ?

General Troubleshooting Docs for OBIEE Integration Issues :

1. 1082987.1 ALERT: Required and Recommended Patch Levels For OBIEE 10.1.3.x Versions
2. 740257.1 How to increase SAW logging?

SSO Integration with OBIEE :

1. 886493.1 Troubleshooting “You are not currently logged in to the Oracle BI Server” error in OBI when SSO is enabled.
2. 860234.1 Addition of LDAP authentication to BI Applications rpd causes BI server crash
3. 1074402.1 Integrating Oracle BI Enterprise Edition with PeopleSoft – without an SSO product

EBS Integration with OBIEE :

Following Documents can be reviewed if you are having errors/issues while integrating EBS and OBIEE :

1. 555254.1 Integrating Oracle Business Intelligence Applications with Oracle E-Business Suite
2. 758392.1 How to diagnose “You are not currently logged in to the Oracle BI Server..” error when login from EBS to OBI ?
4. 1067342.1 Is it possible to have 1 rpd and authenticate users from both Siebel and EBS in OBIEE ?
5.544722.1 Authorization Block Failed when populated from EBS database
6. 555254.1 Enabling Action Links in Oracle Business Intelligence Applications for Oracle E-Business Suite
7. 755768.1 OBIEE intregation with AD and R12 Ebusiness Suite
8. 756851.1 Document for implementing security OBIEE Apps with EBS and Siebel CRM as sources

Siebel Integration with OBIEE

1. 477579.1 Requirements for Web Server Setup in an Integrated Siebel Analytics Environment
2. 737516.1 Why does Action Link Dropdown not appear ?
3. 477113.1 Configuring Siebel Analytics version 7.5 integrated authentication mechanism
4. 475349.1 How To Embed Contextual Oracle Business Intelligence Content in Siebel Business Applications for Versions 7.5.x, 7.7.x, and 7.8.2 
5. 489010.1 Siebel SSO with Siebel Analytics – integration
6. 477377.1 Integrating Siebel Analytics with Siebel Applications

Portal Server Integration

1. 885282.1 How to deploy BI Portlet in Oracle portal
2. 1303275.1 Is OBI ReportUI Portlet Supported in OBIEE 11g?

Peoplesoft Integration

1. 1074402.1 Integrating Oracle BI Enterprise Edition with PeopleSoft – without an SSO product

2.Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Integration with PeopleSoft Enterprise Applications (with Oracle Single Sign-On) (Doc ID 1111804.1)

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