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January 7, 2009
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January 7, 2009

As far as I’m aware there’re no any OBIEE books published on paper (I know about one book in production by Mark Rittman, that got delayed to arrive along with OBIEE 11g release). As I wrote about it, I found one it’s “Oracle BI Enterprise Edition Dashboard & Report Best Practices” from BI consulting group (a respectable company to my opinion). Has anyone read it by any chance? It seems from table of contents and preview that it’s primarily targeted towards dashboard designers, report users and super users.


  1. Tim Duthie says:

    Yes, we have purchased it and use it extensively in our reporting development. You are correct that it is primarily target towards dashboard designers and report designers. It offers very little insight into the back-end data warehouse, which what I am hoping that Rittman’s book will.

  2. Anthony says:

    Tim, I agree with you. I can’t wait till that book on OBIEE 11g gets published.

  3. Mishra says:

    BTW, when is the release date for the Book??

  4. Anthony Vamvakeros says:

    Sideris Courseware has an extensive OBIEE Dashboards & Answers course book in print format

  5. Kranthi says:

    Hi guys,

    When would the BI Suite Developers Guide by rittman be released?Does anyone know when they are releasing??.Eagerly waiting for it.


  6. Kranthi says:

    Hi guys,

    The Book will be released in second quarter of 2010 as it will cover 11g concepts and this is the latest update by rittman.

    @tim duthie
    can you send me the soft copy of OBIEE dashboard & report best practices,i want to review the book.Please do send me the book.


  7. sureh says:

    Please let me know which is the best book to read from basic to Advance and will cover most of the things in OBIEE 11g?!(with link if possible)

    your help is much appreciated.


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