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December 8, 2009
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December 23, 2009

New business intelligence site

1. Borkur Steingrimsson posted a very well-written article “Running OBIEE on Linux” –

If you’re a Linux enthusiast – I think you will find it helpful and amusing (now you can say “yes” if someone asks whether they can run admin tool on Linux). It seems as there’re some potential licensing issues – but in general the community is excited.

2. Rnm1978 posted a link to Kevin McGinley’s CAF analysis and his own thoughts on CAF

I must note that using CAF proved tougher than it seemed to be and not intuitive. Not only that – the lack of official Oracle support isn’t inspiring in using it in real environment. He has also posted a nice detailed write-up of the Presentation Services troubleshooting

3. I’ve finally started tweaking with Essbase. The stand-alone installation took me several attempts to make it perfect (all green) based on Tim Tow’s tutorial as well as Nico Gerard’s instructions.  So far working with sample apps and trying to import ragged hierarchies. I understand why people love the product – the UI is very clean – and many things make sense. I wonder if Integration Services would prevent some shops running Essbase exclusively not to migrate to OBIEE.

4. No update on OBIEE forum. But I’d like to invite anyone willing to collaborate to leave a comment. I suggest we start a google wave (let me know if you need an invite) to discuss which things should be in focus.  My google wave is  – please add me to your contacts and let’s get started.


  1. Mark Rittman says:

    Hi Andriy,

    I/we would be willing to host a moderated forum, assuming it’d be sufficiently differentiated from the OTN OBIEE Forum. I’d model it on the old Oracle Database “Dizwell” forum, with active moderation and initial read-only rights for members. We’d host it under Is this the sort of thing you were thinking of? If so, let me know.



  2. Andriy Yakushyn says:


    Thank you for the offer.

    I’ve emailed you a response.


  3. rnm1978 says:

    hey Andriy,
    Thanks for the link.
    Very interested in being involved in a new forum. Keep me posted.
    cheers, RNM

  4. Christian says:

    @all: Count me in! (you’d guessed as much already I assume)

  5. Andriy Yakushyn says:

    The wave is on – please check OBIEE forum wave. Please contact me if you need google wave’s invite.

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