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You have an OBIEE instance and a lot of folders and requests for the Administrator user.
You upgrade to, using the ua.bat tool. It finishes as complete and there are no errors in the the Upgrade Assistant (ua) log files:


For example

In OBIEE, when you log in as Administrator and go to the Catalog option, you are not able to see any folder or request.


The upgrade process, ua.bat, is not transferring the folders and request for the Administrator user.

This is due to the bug below

What were you trying to do?
Upgrade both repository and web catalog from to

What should have happened?
You should be able to see all folders and request you had in after 
upgrading to

What actually did happen?
For the Administrator account, after running the ua.bat for upgrading and 
finishing without error, when you log in with this account, it does not 
display  any folder or document for the Administrator user in, 
there are a lot of folders and request in

What are the symptoms of the problem?
You have a web catalog in When you log in as Administrator in 
this version you see a lot of folders and request for that user.

  You upgrade to using the ua.bat utility. It finishes fine, 
completed without error. In the upgrade log file you can find some warnings 
that I am not sure they are related to this issue. You log in as 
Administrator in and you cannot see any folder or request.

What changes have been made to the technical environment recently?

Suggested workaround is the following:
 1) In Administration Tool, create a new user, 'new_account', under Manage-Security (if you are using other Security option, add the new user there).
 2) Using Catalog Manager, copy the content of the Administrator user into the new one.
 For instance:
 3) Upgrade the Web Catalog using the ua.bat:
 4) Using Catalog Manager, copy the content of the 'new_account' user into the Administrator one.
 For instance:
 5) Connect to OBIEE as Administrator and check you are able to see all folders and requests.

The OBIEE Dashboard Is Empty After Upgrading From 10g To OBIEE 11g

Applies to:

Business Intelligence Interactive Dashboard – Version: [1308] and later   [Release: 11g and later ]
Information in this document applies to any platform.


Recently upgraded Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) from 10g to 11g (OBIEE
All upgrade steps were completed as described in the Upgrade Guide for Oracle Business Intelligence
11g; including upgrading the web catalog and repository (RPD).
The repository was checked and there were no errors.
When logging in to OBIEE Presentation server as a user with OBIEE Administrator role, the 11g dashboard is empty and expected content is not present.


Upgraded from 10g to 11g.


Insufficient permissions on ‘shared folders.’
The permissions on catalog folder ‘shared folders’ were available only for ‘Authenticated user’ and ‘Presentation Server Administrators’.


Login to OBIEE Presentation server as WLS or biadmin user and select Administration link ->
add relevant application role e.g. ‘BI Administrator role’ and grant at least read and traverse permissions to the ‘shared folders.’
Also ensure that you tick the check boxes to apply permissions to all items within the folder and sub folders.