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OBIEE Error messages

One of the things that I’d like Oracle to improve is the Analytics error messages (both in the Repository and in the Answers). Sometimes, they’re just too broad – for example – Internal Assertion Error 46036 – which could mean anything: from corrupted RPD after transitioning or upgrading to logical levels not being set correctly in the hierarchy levels. Next set of errors that people have problems with is the installation errors  – usually those aren’t very descriptive as well, however, with time you sort of learn to distinguish those. Third problem is the debugging .cpp errors appearing in the RPD or Answers (such as – which should have been caught by system and a human-error message to appear – such as “.cpp, line 506
This application has requested to terminate the runtime in an unusual way”. Overall, troubleshooting OBIEE is a logical step-by-step process well-described in their Oracle Business Intelligence Troubleshooting Guide, however, by making error messages human-friendlier -they’d make OBIEE consultants job easier.