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January 2012 Update

Happy New Year! 2011 was extremely difficult to blog not just for me – but for so many other OBIEE bloggers – I re-visited links on my right hand side and noticed that many people didn’t post anything for several months.In some way it makes me feel better as I am not the only one who is not writing on a regular basis. On the other hand, I realized that blogging about OBIEE is what can keep me in better shape technically and let me study new practices and topics. I can only assume that this business intelligence writing block is due to workload and other commitments. I have not made any OBIEE New Year resolutions, however, it seems as my goal is to have at least a posting per week. I’ll try to focus on OBIEE 11g topics as well as some general business intelligence topics. I’m also going to analyze interesting bugs I can find from Oracle’s support.

I have seen an excellent post by Stewart Bryson – Agile Data Warehousing with Exadata and OBIEE: Model-Driven Iteration – he continues to write about a very relevant topic – OBIEE agile development. It’s absolutely necessary to have an idea about this topics since more and more companies and organizations are researching agile development.

I’ve read this with great interest and waiting for more. I also made a point to check Christian Screen’s podcasts – ArtOfBI.com Podcast on iTunes.

Thank you very much for visiting and please leave a comment suggesting which topics you’d like to have covered.

OBIEE Prototyping

Today I read an article by Jeff McQuigg (a leading Oracle Business Intelligence expert) who wrote about often overlooked topic – prototyping in OBIEE. I think it’s a great way to deliver OBIEE solution fast and effectively. There might be several organizational issues – such as users’ good will and availability, knowledge of the data, and scheduling meetings – but in general – I think it’s great way to proceed. And I think such a meeting would look like this:

Stay well!

OBIEE Discussion Group

OBIEE Enterprise Methodology Group has some interesting discussions going – for instance, “OBIEE partial & progressive upgrade from 10g to 11g”, “DRM applied to BI”, and “Need to display watermark on dashboard”. We now have more than 400 members – but again, we’re looking for quality, not quantity. If you’re interested – feel free to join – Link to the Group. Just want to remind you that it’s pre-moderated and membership must be approved.

Some interesting decimal problem

Someone was using the AVG function in a column. The result should be 4,7 but answers displayed only 4. He modified the data format and added to the configuration to show 2 decimal places but he saw this value 4,00. He was using the formula like this AVG([Column_name]).

Oracle’s support decided figured out that:

The AVG function works as a division (in a Math context).
If the number you divide is an integer, the result will be an integer.
If the number you divide is a double, the result will be a double, this is how answers works.

In this case, the column had integer values, so the result should be an integer that’s the reason why customer saw a 4 instead 4,7.

If you divide an integer you will get an integer as a result. If you divide a double you will get a double as a result.

And provided the instructions:

1.- Go to column and click on the “Edit Formula” option.
2.- Click on the Function button.
3.- Select the CAST function in the Conversion section and click on the OK button.
4.- The formula should be looked like this CAST(“[column_name]” AS Double).
5.- Click on the Function button again.
6.- Select the AVG function in the Aggregation section and click on the OK button.
7.-The formula should be looked like this Avg(CAST(“[column_name]” AS Double)).
8.- Click on the “Column properties” option.
9.- Click on the “Data Format” tab and check in the “Override Default Data Format”.
10.- Choose the value 2 in the “Decimal Places” section.
11.- Click on the Ok button and click on the “Display Results” button.

OBIEE quiteness

It’s been awfully quite and peaceful lately in the OBIEE environment. I think everyone is busy, which is a great thing – it means people are making money. I actually remember that the most active times are the ones when there’s slow amount of work. I quickly run through the list of the OBIEE blogs I usually attend to – and most  (most – not all) of the posts are dated back in March. Myself, I’ve not had much time to blog – too busy on the project as well as developing network relationships. I apologize if I couldn’t answer one of your questions in the comments – I hope you were able to resolve the issue.

On another topic – OBIEE google’s group is doing well and growing strong (although the goal isn’t the numbers, but the quality). The quality of topics is amazing, as well as insight provided. I am starting to think that it would be advantageous to hide the material from public view (in order to encourage registrations and discourage lurkers).

I wonder how many people are doing beta testing of OBIEE 11g (and can’t tell due to NDA). I’ve already advised the client that many issues we’re battling would be solved in the new version, however, it doesn’t mean that the “fix” is right around the corner.

Stay well and feel free to connect.