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It’s been awfully quite and peaceful lately in the OBIEE environment. I think everyone is busy, which is a great thing – it means people are making money. I actually remember that the most active times are the ones when there’s slow amount of work. I quickly run through the list of the OBIEE blogs […]

If you’re in the UK  in late May and eager to improve your OBIEE skills, do some networking, and meet top experts in the field – I suggest you attend The Rittman Mead BI Forum. Kurt Wolff will be present (expert on all OBIEE-related topics, who worked on OBIEE’s grandfather product) for a very advanced […]

While browsing web, I’ve found the following question: “The query logs do show that there is a cache hit but the report still takes more than 1.5 mins to display. Why ?” Solution offered Checking the nqquery.log when the cache is hit, it was found the time elapsed between running the query, and getting the results […]