65000 rows CSV Limit – hidden parameter

Review of the OBIEE Sample App v506
August 27, 2015

I have spent 1,5 hours trying to figure this out. It seems as unnecessary item and a well-hidden one.  This is valid for OBIEE 12c as well.

You have upgraded your OBIEE 11g instance to OBIEE
Now when you export reports to CSV format file, you do not get more than 65000 rows downloaded.
In earlier versions of OBIEE 11g, you could download more than 65000 rows.


In OBIEE or, there was no specific parameter to limit download to CSV format but in OBIEE, one can add DefaultRowsDisplayedInDownloadCSV parameter.

There is a need to add a parameter in instanceconfig.xml, called DefaultRowsDisplayedInDownloadCSV, with which you can control how many rows are downloaded to CSV format. By default, number of rows downloaded is 65000 rows.

The DefaultRowsDisplayedInDownloadCSV parameter needs to be added to instanceconfig.xml as it is not there in the standard one.  Customer could add it in case they need to download more than 65000 rows.

Proposed solution

  1. Take a back up copy of instanceconfig.xml file.
  2. Open instanceconfig.xml for editing.
  3. Increase the value of the parameter DefaultRowsDisplayedInDownloadCSV to an appropriate amount. For example:
    <Table><!–This Configuration setting is managed by Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control–>
    <!–This Configuration setting is managed by Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control–>
  4. Save your changes.
  5. Re-start OBIEE services.

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