When using Conditional Formatting in Answers I was unable to refer to repo vars

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February 4, 2009
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February 13, 2009

Is it possible to refer repository variables in filters of conditional formatting?


Can use presentation variables only for filters in conditional formatting as per the following bookshelf guide:

Oracle Business Intelligence Answers, Delivers, and Interactive Dashboards User Guide > Basics of Working with Requests in Oracle BI Answers > Using Variables to Display Values in Request Results, Dashboards and iBots

Turned out to be a bug.

Workaround using Bins:

Say you had a dollars measure column in your request. And you wanted to add a conditional formatting to set it to green if it was greater than or equal to repository variable repvar1:
– Create a duplicate column dollars in the request and name it dollars_duplicate.
– Set the column format for dollars_duplicate to hidden
– Set the custom heading for dollars_duplicate column formula to ‘dollars_duplicate’
– Create a bin e.g. ‘b1′ based on a filter condition where dollars_duplicate is >= repvar1 – Then go to your required column e.g. dollars and add conditional formatting based on dollars_duplicate column. And in the filter condition set it to the bin name ‘b1′ and specify the ‘edit format’ as green in colour.

You can similarly add all the required conditions as bin condition first and then reference the respective bin name for conditional formatting.

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