OBIEE Architect

January 13, 2009

Cache persistence

There’re a few well-written articles on about OBIEE caching configuration and strategies already. However, I’m posting a solution that I’ve found while investigating an unexpected behavior […]
January 7, 2009

OBIEE job trends

Here’s an interesting chart I found OBIEE Job Trends OBIEE jobs I guess it means two things – OBIEE is becoming more popular and job market […]
January 7, 2009

OBIEE book

As far as I’m aware there’re no any OBIEE books published on paper (I know about one book in production by Mark Rittman, that got delayed […]
January 7, 2009

How to force a user to filter on a column A every time column B is in the request

Something interesting I found while browsing OBIEE docs. This should be incredibly useful to force users select enough columns for the report. How to not allow […]