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January 7, 2009
Cache persistence
January 13, 2009

Here’s an interesting chart I found

I guess it means two things – OBIEE is becoming more popular and job market outlook looks good for OBIEE consultants


  1. Nephizto says:

    The word “OBIEE” was introduced with the version 10,and nobody search OBIEE before that.Simple as that.
    If you want to see the real trend try Siebel Analytics.

  2. Andriy Yakushyn says:

    Thank you for the observation. I’m well aware of SA legacy (as well as nQuire’s). However, I think Siebel Analytics trend would be similar.

  3. AZ says:

    The y-axe is not rely meaningful. What exactly does it depict?

  4. Andriy Yakushyn says:

    I think it’s showing the (“# of obiee/siebel analytics jobs” divided by “total # of jobs in their DB” over time).

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