New version of Sample Apps Released – SampleApp V305 (

New version of the OBIEE Sample App is now available for download. For those who might now know what this is – it’s a per-configured environment that’s ready to operate, so you don’t have to spend hours installing DB stack along with OBIEE -but could get straight to the point. Could be useful to those who have not seen it before and consider an upgrade, or those  who would want to learn OBIEE. Regardless – great job and definitely something to download and experiment with in case you work with OBIEE. Of course, the hardcore guys always install it themselves, but for others – it’s great. Well done, BIEE PM Group!


Link to download the Sample Apps OBIEE


OBIEE visualization best practices

Please check my latest blog post at my employer’s site about best practices in OBIEE visualizations.

Link to the blog post about OBIEE visualization.

I think that certain OBIEE implementations never deviate from the default look and feel – and sometimes it is possible to improve user experience by doing certain things (such as creating index dashboard with links to other content, similar how it’s done in the Sample Apps).