Removing My Dashboard
March 11, 2009
Is it possible to use Dashboard Prompts to override Session Variables?
March 18, 2009

How can we get the Prompt values to be displayed when the report is exported in MS Office formats or printed in PDF using the ‘Download’ or ‘Print’ report links?

When you use the ‘Printer Friendly’ option on the Dashboard, all objects on the Dashboard get downloaded for printing including the Dashboard Prompt section.

However using the report ‘Download’ or ‘Print’ link, this does not print the Dashboard Prompt section.
Please note this is expected behavior. Using the Printer Friendly icon at the lower lefthand corner, it prints the entire dashboard. Alternatively the ‘Download’ or ‘Print’ link option is available, for the report. So this will print the Compound layout view of the report, or any specific report sections that have been made available on the Dashboard.

A workaround to have the Dashboard Prompt values displayed when you use the Report ‘Download’ or ‘Print’ link is by having the filter view as part of the report.

Oracle has now raised the Enhancement Request# 8242921 to address this matter. The enhancement request is to enhance the product so that so there is also an option to download to the various formats at the dashboard page level. Similar to the Dashboard Page ‘printer friendly’ functionality.

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