Is it possible to use Dashboard Prompts to override Session Variables?

This is a two step process:

1) Tick “enable any user to set variable” checkbox in the RPD for the session variable
2) When you create a dashboard prompt, in the Set Variable list, choose to populate a variable for the dashboard prompt using a server request variable.

If you set a server variable it will override explicitly the value of this variable set via the initialization block.

The variable is changed in the dashboard that uses the prompt( where the variable is set).

6 thoughts on “Is it possible to use Dashboard Prompts to override Session Variables?”

  1. Hi,

    A similar question, is there any way to pass a variable from report to rpd file and by variable I mean when a user clicks on a link in report it passes some cirteria, can we somehow pass this criteria to rpd file as well? Thanks.

  2. This seems to be mixing two concepts, session vars and request vars. Is there a prefix I need to use for session vars to set those? Just putting in the session var name doesn’t appear to be working.


  3. Rick,

    How are you trying to put a variable? I suggest you create a topic on OTN forum – there’re plenty of people who would assist in solving the problem. I’m just not sure what do you mean exactly by “mixing two concepts, session vars and request vars”.

  4. Hi Gurus,
    Hi All,

    My Question is Can we create a Check Box Prompt as a dashboard Prompt, if possible please tell me asap

    Thanks & Regards


  5. Hi

    1. Would it be possible to provide ranking on graphs by department based on their actual sales?

    2. If ranking is possible, Would it be possible to sort the department vertical graph bars by ranking?

    If not possible, please provide me the the alternative solution?

    Thanks & regards
    Krishna Mohan

  6. Hi friends,

    Even I have similar kind of question.

    I have one rdp where in the physical layer the data is retrieved using a stored procedure with some input variables, so what I’m try to do is provide a prompt to the user in the Answer/Dashboard so that they can select value in that so that this selected value will be passed to the input parameter of the stored procedure.

    Is it possible in OBIEE 10g? If so can some one let me know how to do this?

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