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Few interesting Q&As from Oracle

Good evening,

I’ve located some more interesting items from Oracle:

Q:How to remove the empty space between sections in dashboards?

A:To remove the spaces between the reports try the following:

You have to modify the css of the style you apply to the dashboard. In particular to modify the space under the answers you have to modify the portalcontent.css and the views.css

Try to modify the .EmbeddedItem class in the portalcontent.css , and the .ResultsTable in the view.css
You can find this .css in the s_STYLENAME/b_mozilla_4/ folder of you BIEE deploy.

Try to Add or modify to this class:

Suggest you to create a new style (the s_ ans sk_).

Q:How to Remove [nQSError: 22047] “The Dimension used in AGO function..”

A: To remove the following error :

Steps to reproduce the error:

1. Create an Answer Request based on (Year, Chg AGO metric)
2. For table view, set Report-Based Total.

The error can be reproduced on any calculation of AGO metric, not only Chg
AGO, for example, AGO Metric + 1.

The error will be gone if we put ANY filter on the Date dimension, for
example Year > 2000.

Detailed error msg:
State: HY000. Code: 10058. [NQODBC] [SQL_STATE: HY000] [nQSError: 10058] A
general error has occurred. [nQSError: 22047] The Dimension used in AGO
function must be referenced in the query.

1.Look for instanceconfig.xml under the following path :

* Windows Operating Systems: OracleBIData_HOME\web\config
* Linux Operating Systems: OracleBIData_HOME/web/config

2. Add the following in instanceconfig.xml , restart BIEE instance and re-test :


Q: How to display session variables in static text View ?

A: Correct syntax in Static View is

Q: How to Sort a date column of varchar type as if it was a date datatype in answers.

A:1. Create another logical column in the Dim-Date table in the business layer based on the logical column ” Month ”

Note : Dim-Date table is the logical table in business layer which has the “Month ” column of varchar data type but has date values.

2. Give the expression for the new column as

CAST (Core.”Dim – Date”.”Month Name” AS DATE )

This would cast the original Month column to date datatype.

3. Use this column in the report thorugh answers and change its format as needed .

shown below are the steps to display the date as “MMMM – yyyy”

a. click on column properties.

b. Navigate to Data format tab.

c. Select Date Format – Custom

d. Give the Custom Date Format – MMMM – yyyy

4. See that this new column now gives the date format as needed and sort this column on the dashboard date wise not alphabetically.

How To Setup Session Timeout In Oracle BIEE

Thanks to the Oracle’s support I was able to find answer to my problem. How to make OBIEE more secure and log users off automatically to show users this page:

Here’s what I found:

List the three parameters which affects session timeout for BIEE user.

There are three types of timeout settings controls the user session :

BI                   Presentation                      User
Server -  (Link 1)   ->   Server    ->  (Link 2)   ->   Browser

Link 1:

The time of connection between the OracleBI Presentation Server and OracleBI Services can be configured using the following steps:
1. Edit the file instanceconfig.xml
2. Add the following line in the block


3. Restart services OracleBI Presentation Services
1. The value of default is 3 minutes.
2. The connection between the OracleBI Server and OracleBI Presentation Services is closed and removed.
3. This setting does not affect the connection established between the OracleBI Presentation Services and the WebBrowser, which remains intact pending an activity from the user.

Link 2:

The time of connection between the OracleBI Presentation Services and the WebBrowser can be configured using the following steps:
1. Edit the file instanceconfig.xml
2. Add the following line in the block ServerInstance) ((/) ServerInstance

<ClientSessionExpireMinutes> 1440</ClientSessionExpireMinutes>

3. Restart services OracleBI Presentation Services
1. The internal default value is 1440 minutes (24 hours).
2. The connection between the OracleBI Presentation Services and the WebBrowser is closed and removed.
3. This configuration forces logoff user outside the application, which should make logging into an application to work again.
4. All information and statements in it are lost.

Log User Off:

Then we can set the property to force the user out of the Logoff OracleBI Presentation Services.
This setting only applies to users who have not selected the option “remember my ID and password.
1. Edit the file instanceconfig.xml
2. Add the following line in the block


3. Restart services OracleBI Presentation Services
1. The internal default value is 180 minutes (3 hours).
2. To disable this feature using a value larger than the value of ClientSessionExpireMinutes

BI Forum 2010 is going extremely well

I wish I was there …

I’m very happy that BI Forum 2010 is going well. It seems as all BI consulting gurus and those wishing to join their rank are having a blast – just read their Twitter feed Bi Forum tweeter feed.

I want to make a point to attend next year. Unfortunately, due to some passport-visa circumstances beyond my control (hint – New Schengen visa rules which invalidates passports issued more than 10 years ago – even if they’re still valid) , it’s not possible for me to travel to Europe until I replace my passport. Unfortunately, I’m not the only one affected by this – I know that there’re many people from India in the US (issued passports with 20 year validity) who are not able to travel to Europe due to new Schengen rules, and for them, it’s burdensome to travel to India, since they have to get the new passport at the same place where it was issued.

My warm greetings to everyone. I hope I can make it to DC this year for Kaleidoscope.

Quiet Time in OBIEE World

It’s been very quiet lately. Maybe because the summer is leaving and everyone is trying to take advantage of its latest days. I’m still learning my ways around newly updated Oracle’s MySupport. So far I have mixed feelings – I like the speed compared to metalink3, however, I’m still not sure if I get the new interface as well as flash-based navigation.

Tom Siebel got into problem with an elephant – but everyone probably knows about it by now. I wish him a speedy recovery.

I’ve been busy preparing environment for new project. Learning about configuring SSO for WNA-enabled security under Linux using OAS. Luckily for me, there’s a good discussion in regards to this here: http://forums.oracle.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=847808

Also, I’ve started re-reading “The Data Warehouse Toolkit”. It’s an awesome book.

I can’t dedicate enough attention to OTN anymore, but cheers to everyone who’s doing a great job of helping people to learn. I’m still about 15 questions away from 10th spot, so don’t relax too much Goran :-)

This is how top-10 looks like as of today:
Kishore Guggilla (2160)
Stijn Gabriels (1295)
John Minkjan (1175)
Turribeach (1155)
Madan Thota (1070)
gerardnico (925)
Christian Berg (805)
mma1709 (795)
David_T (775)
Goran O (680)

Good luck all.

Is it possible to use Dashboard Prompts to override Session Variables?

This is a two step process:

1) Tick “enable any user to set variable” checkbox in the RPD for the session variable
2) When you create a dashboard prompt, in the Set Variable list, choose to populate a variable for the dashboard prompt using a server request variable.

If you set a server variable it will override explicitly the value of this variable set via the initialization block.

The variable is changed in the dashboard that uses the prompt( where the variable is set).