Multi Select Prompt Selection Window not Rendering Correctly after Migration from

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June 8, 2009
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June 9, 2009

After migration from to Prompt selection window not rendering correctly when a Multi Select Prompt is created for OBI EE Dashboard Prompts.

In Answers, On clicking to go to the selector screen for the Multi-Select Prompt, in it we see on the right:
match: begins with…. the right side is empty. Also the left side (‘Selected’) is empty.
So, No values display in the list.

– Customer has tried entering a value in the textbox and clicking go, nothing happens.
– The issue does not happen on customers instance. It only happens on their instance which they have migrated from
– Web Server is Apache\Tomcat 5.5
– Java version is JDK 1.5.18

Steps to reproduce:

– Log into Answers
– At top of left Answers window select ‘New Dashboard Prompt icon, & select a subject area
– from the list on the left select a dimension (eg Calendar Month Desc)
– change Control to ‘Multi-select’
– select ‘Constrain’
– change Defaults To to ‘Specific Value’
– from that list select a value
– top right of screen select the Preview icon
– next to default value, select the icon to bring up the Multi-select window.
– the issue is seen here, no values in the list.

Client migrated from to During the migration they replaced the ‘res’ folder with the copy from their version and then regenerated the war file. The same war file was deployed in Tomcat.

This is the root of the problem. The ‘res’ folder should not be copied from the older version instance.

Obtain a fresh ‘res’ folder and replace the copied version with that.


  1. Diego says:

    I replace the folder but have no solution, could anyone help me please??????

  2. Andriy Yakushyn says:

    Did you restart all services? I suggest you follow up with Oracle

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