How to generate Line Bar Combo chart with stack in OBIEE?

August 5, 2009
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August 23, 2009

Might be useful for someone who’s stuck trying to figure out how to mimic an existing report.

To generate Line Bar Combo chart with stack:

-Go to BI Answers and set the columns needed on criteria tab and go to results
-Click on Add view >chart view
-Use line bar combo chart type, select two columns for Y Axis and one metric for line. Select chart type as 2D stacked.
-To have the stack effect, on criteria tab, use the same measure columns few times separately with separate filter (Edit Formula>Insert filter >then select filter from saved filter). For example select two amount sold columns with two filters, one for country=country1, and the other country=country2 like
FILTER(“Sales Facts”.”Amount Sold” USING (Customers.Country = ‘Canada’))
FILTER(“Sales Facts”.”Amount Sold” USING (Customers.Country = ‘Brazil’))
-Select both the filtered measured amount sold columns for Y-Axis.
-Select the column for overlay column for which line graph is needed. “

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