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March 17, 2010
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April 7, 2010

Good morning All,

I’m back from Florida vacation. What a change – to come from sunny Florida to cold and raining New York.

Trying to see what’s going on in the OBIEE world. Couple interesting topics on the OTN:

Write back – topic – very interesting and growing

Example on how not to ask questions about complex joins – the author should have provided all the details in the beggining

Not using AGO and TODATE functions – I don’t know why anyone would like to avoid using AGO and TODATE functions for time-series analysis. The only two options are: non-Oracle DB which doesn’t support complex PARTITION BY queries or someone doesn’t want to create time dimension.

Also, there’re some very good discussions on the OBIEE Enterprise Methodology Group.

Good luck and enjoy your week.


  1. Mark Rittman says:

    Hi Andriy,

    Just wondering – what’s with the spammy recruitment postings on your blog? Has someone taken it over or are those postings meant to be there? They seem a bit incongruous for an OBIEE blog.


  2. Andriy Yakushyn says:


    Some RSS aggregator misbehaving. Fixed already, just got to delete it.

    incongruous – I had to look it up in a dictionary.

    Thanks for observation.


  3. Rajesh says:

    what is the exact need of implicit fact table in obiee and i am new to obiee when i am stadying i come across this can you please share about this

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