Data Not Getting Refreshed in Answers when Changed in Base Database. Cache problem.
July 9, 2009
New Week.
July 14, 2009

I’d appreciate if you could take a minute of your time and answer a few questions. I’ll try to use that input in making this site more useful and interesting for you.  I’m trying to get a feel on possible improvements and enhancements.  Some of the things I consider adding – a star-rating system for posts, bulletin-board / discussion board, and recommendation services. P.S. In the end of the survey it’ll ask you for Name / E-mail – Please ignore it and just click on Submit Survey. I’ll try to publish results once I get a meaningful sample.


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  1. kranthi says:

    Hi andriy,

    i saw your post on majendi blog,it was nice booster for me to start a career in OBIEE.Iam really looking forward for it cz i would be starting in a week or so.I took the survey you posted.

    But wanted to know in what fields of OBIEE i should be strong,as a novice what should i start with ..tell me the order or modules i should start in OBIEE

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